Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bunnie day

"I hereby declare today as Bunnie Day," said Me. :)) It was the 3rd of July then (super late post, I know!). Had a date with Bunnie and family (minus Mum). We were supposed to watch The Amazing Spiderman but we went there at a wrong time, and my brother's girlfriend had to go home early. We just ate and shopped instead (oh the happiness when daddy's around with his card!:))))). La-di-da.

Bunnie and I, well, we didn't prepare anything special. There's a story to that. n__n Oh well.

This is what I wore on that Bunnie Day.

Wore a red Zara Sleeveless top, with my old pair of Next Jeans black shorts. Since we were supposed to go to the movie house, I wore that off white blazer. Paired the out fit with bunny accessories (bag, earrings, necklace). I wish I had a bunny bracelet too!:D

Since I cannot put 4 pictures in Lookbook, I edited the photo (from Instagram) and cropped off the close up on the bag. Don't hesitate to hype up!:D xxoo