Saturday, July 7, 2012


I came up with this blog mainly to express my love for fashion but it's been awhile since I've posted outfit shots. So I took time to compile the recent photos I got. Forgive my vanity. errm wait, aren't all fashion bloggers vain? I mean we take pictures of ourselves A LOT in order to call ourselves that right? unless we want to post about other people's fashion? hmmm. Anyway, regardless,first up: Nineteen--
I named it as such to convey the theme of a classic look, 19__, then insert the specific year you would want it to be in. Like 1980s, or 90s. or whatever. :)) and that's my age number too! --, Alright, I was bored so go figure. :D

This look I came up with when I was again invited to be a godmother. Unfortunately, I had assessment duty at the exact same time of the Christening. I didn't want to say no so I went to the hospital and brought with me my outfit. I also didn't want to bring bulky stuff so I decided to a one-piece get up. My cousin gave this to me a few weeks ago and it was the perfect fit for the event.

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