Monday, December 31, 2012

Adieu 2012!

For months now, I hadn't had the luxury of time to blog. Or maybe I was just being lazy. Or both. Teehee. Wait, no, I really didn't have the time. Duty sucked up the whole of me. (3 duty days/week, 12hrs per day. plus other subjects on the rest of the days of the week. Whew. That really turned me into a zombie, mentally and physically!) There are so many things that I want to write about but I have to limit myself and just focus on bidding farewell to 2012.

I'll let pictures speak for my year :) (Oct downwards, since I still updated before that month :D)

Oct10--Took all the risk and never regretted anything. :"3

Oct7-- celebrated Mooncake Festival @ Grand Caprice. Went with mom and her friends, and Jet. We had so much fun!!

Swam with these babes at Tuscania <3
Went back to roller-'blading'! Well, once. haha I had to go back to step 1 though :((

Nov2-- Spent time with these gay people post-sembreak ;) I cut a class for them! haha

Night-outs with twin cousin :))

Had a new dog-- MJ. We named him after Maurice James Sepe. Hahaha Kidding.
We named him after Michael Jackson. We always name our dogs after singers :))
aaaaahhh, Kryz Uy!! She's just so cute and amazing!^___^"
This was taken during the What A Girl Wants Launching at Centrio, the newly opened Ayala Mall.
Went to Jasaan to celebrate with Lalena and Dr. Schug's birthday :)

It's true what they say, you gain some, you lose some. I had a new dog, but we also lost one.
I miss you my baby Regine. :(

After attending Christmas parties, we had our own Noche Buena at our house. Ohana <3

After Christmas, I had to bake like 15 red velvet and chocolate cakes and brownies  in one day. Whew!
At Sadya last night :)

I had so many plans this year; some lost in the wind, some made real. There were those that involved other people, and for that, I humbly ask for your forgiveness and understanding that I am only human, I have my lapses. I offer all the plans made successful to our Almighty Father, for without Him, I am incapable of doing them. For those who left, I am grateful that He made you a part and a chapter of my life, but I have to continue writing my story, without you. :( For those who stayed, through darkness and light, from the deepest depth of my heart, thank you, and I hope to make more memories with you this 2013. :)

" my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do.."
That is an excerpt from the "The Confiteor" (for Roman Catholics, you may be familiar with this). And that just had to be the perfect line to end my 2012.

PS: Outfit shots sooooon!!:D and I have yet to make my New Year's Resolution. :))

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

As bread blessed, broken, and shared

I haven't been really active in our organization last semester. As described in my other post, I was quite tied up with many other things, i.e. nursing, designing, event-organizing. Today, I was given the opportunity to rise from the dead. We had a council bonding, and as what Aya Kevin said, may today be a start of something new *Roxanne sings Start of Something New from High School Musical :))* Well I'll do my very best to catch up with the org and be present during apostolates. ;)

Soooo. Where did our hearts go today? Cabula River Grill. It's a simple place by the river (where beginner river rafters end) at Lumbia and I believe it's still under development. Though the pool was only like 4ft deep,  or should I say shallow?, we still had so much fun. Like what Rox said, the environment cannot and did not hinder us from enjoying each other's company. :">

The water's so shallooooow. :[

Strike a pose!
Trololol. I just had to. Cute kau ka Maam Dik xD (Peace!)
While the rest of us were having the mid-year evaluation,
Sleeping Beauty was, well, asleep. :p
Boodle lunch. Smells good, Kuya?:D omnom
Boodle fiiight!:)) Rey and Renner, don't worry, daghan pa :p
BJ borjing VS Hari ng Sari-sari store :D
Al-al-- first brave soul to try the mini zipline.

Ze boys making fun of? or having fun with Jestoni. Idk which is which :))

Aya Kev, okay lang yan :))

Weeeee. that's me on the Tarzan thingy and zipline :D
At the left corner: Mga Sirena; at the right: Hmm. Syokoy?xD

Chapel Aides Council 2012-2013 [incomplete :(]
We dropped by at home to play Kinect. But most of us were too beat up already. :))

So here's to the upcoming semester!
and the muscle pains and cold/flu tomorrow :))

More photos in fb soon. :)
Good night, loves!


Monday, October 15, 2012

1/3 Week of Sembreak

After our research defense last Tuesday (thank Heavens it went well!), I promised myself some do-nothing time. Apart from having to go out to run some errands, I stayed home all throughout the week. Well at least until today.
These things kept me sane:
Used Sephora (Magenta, forgot the code name) for the colour; Bobbie for the finishing.

I super miss painting my nails! Since HS, I've always loved getting my nails done. But, being a nursing student sucks, nails have to be kept short and clear from polishes. hohwell, I have three weeks to spoil them toe- and fingernails!*finger dance*

A page from Paulo Coelho's book, Eleven Minutes.

Yknow, when I entered college with nursing as my course, I had to leave behind the kind of life that I love-- growing out my nails and having them painted, and reading non-academic books. I've always been a bookworm. I used to hang out at the library of my primary school a lot while waiting to be fetched by my parents. Siiigh. I am missing those days. Anw, this is an old book by Paulo Coelho that I bought but never got to finish reading. His books are just touching  and influential, don't you think so?;)

Filipino/Tagalog movies.

Admittedly, I am not a fan of Filipino movies. I have my reasons but I don't wanna sound like an expatriot so I'll keep my mouth shut. haha. Besides, I am never good at understanding and speaking the language. =)) Buuuut, my cousin who had been staying with us for months now brought DVDs of various Filipino movies and wanted to watch it. I had time on my hands so, what the heck, why not?:)) I enjoyed them naman din, nakakatuwa ang My Amnesia Girl. That's as far as I can go. :)) lol

He surprised me with a bouquet of flowers :">

Balbal. Well, he definitely lights up every day of my life ^____^


Friday, October 12, 2012

The Comeback

HELLOOOO SEMBREAK! Finally, I can blog again! *finger dance* :D Wow, it has been a reeaallyyy looongg (have I put enough emphasis already?xD) time since I created a post. Anyhoo. Imma blog about what  I have been up to for  the past months, things that made me crazy busy and not blog. :|

First up: Studies. Well, being a senior nursing student is draining. But being a senior nursing student, spiritual head of a religious org, young designer, and young event planner vacuumed the energy out of me. No, I am NOT bragging, I am simply expressing how difficult it is to juggle the responsibilities I am holding. Okay, back to studies. My biggest frustration slash discovery: Studying twists my mind, it's bad for me. Back when I was in my junior, sophie, and freshie years, I rarely study for quizzes and term exams, and I passed each of them. And yet just last sem, I spent long hours with coffee running through my blood vessels, studying, and I barely pass my exams. What is that?! That happened during the first half of the sem, so I then concluded that studying was not for me and decided not to anymore, and not surprisingly, I got better grades in the second half. HOHOHO. See? Don't study, it'll just deprive you from sleeping and make you look like zombies. =)) I KIDD. Studying is good, but maybe it's not just for me. haha. 'kay, 'nuff of that. Final grades aren't released yet though, so fingers are still crossed!

ooh, this was during our Nursing  General Assembly. The theme was "Turn up the Night" and well the seniors definitely did. The seniors' dance clash was veeeryyy awesome! and so were all the other performances-- bands, song numbers, including our clinical instructors' intermission, etc ;)

Second stir: Formations. As the appointed spiritual head, I had to facilitate prayer sessions, make introductions and flows for holy hour masses, and help in retreats. Given the busy nursing schedule that we had for the sem, I wasn't quite sure if could hold up to my responsibilities as a spiritual head. Being one entails you to be spiritually enlightened, especially when you're making the modules/flows and introductions, and facilitating prayer sessions. No, I was not spiritually and emotionally guided that time. It was such a hard work to concentrate on writing Godly things when one's self was not immersed in His light and presence. After discerning, I talked to my head and our president about resigning but they didn't want me to because then they'd had to find someone else but there wasn't any who was yet ready for the position, most incumbent were newly consecrated ones and had no experience with the responsibilities of a spiritual head. I prayed and said to Him, "Lord, Your will be done." I carried on with my tasks and He blessed me with so many things thereafter. I found an assistant, my grades were okay; I was able to manage my time well with my studies and the org's needs. If we just let Him take the wheel, everything will be alright. :')

Third: Kasalang Filipino 2012. About 10 days prior to the exhibit, Designer Boogie Rivera, co-member of Designers' Assembly, called and asked if I wanted to join the said event. I wasn't actually sure because first, young designer as I am, I never had a wedding dress sewn (well, let's put yet to that :D). Most of my clients were for debuts as they are in my age group. But I thought it'd be a nice experience and because I wanted to complicate my already busy schedule, I went for it. I only had around a week to make 2 wedding gowns and 1 wedding suit. It would've been a little less than a struggle if my seamstress lived near me. But she didn't, so things went crazy and my designs weren't executed as how I really wanted them to be. The show went great though, and I was supported by my mummie, brother, cousin, helper, and boyfie so it was all worth the tears and disappointment of not achieving my designs. Yknow, it's true what they say that it's the journey that matters more, not the destination. Knowing that they were all there was enough to make me stand proud of what I got that day.

With my models-- JL Dimitui, Paige Reyes, & Molie Simpao

ohana :)

love <3
With my ever supportive friends Riza and Kai ;)
More Photos

Fourth: Wedding Reception Decoration. My mum, kabarkada/bffffff Roger, supposedly one other uh, friend?, and I (let's leave that be. n___n"), were hired to decorate Mrs. Jen Rodrigo-Donaire's nuptial last Sept 30, at Country Village.  We had to search here and there and find stuff that was within their budget and that was really tiring but since I love what I was doing, I didn't mind. That friend was replaced by my cousin Razel and boyfie Joseph. Thank you for the support once again. Love you both! and of course I would like to thank kuya Charles of ABSS Lights and Sounds, the lights were really of great help, thank you so much for the plus plus service with no extra fee (he had to go back all the way home and get stuff because things had to be adjusted due to some things). The place looked great (love your own!haha). Mrs. Donaire appreciated the venue as well and that itself was the reward that I wanted :)

To see more, click here.

Whew, that's a long and perhaps boring post? haha There were so many other little and big things that happened but I think I'll make a separate post for them.

How are you holding up lately, hmm? What's keeping you on the run? Share share!;)


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Galaxy leggings and ombre shirt

Hiiyaah! It's been quite awhile since I blogged. Been really busy. Anyway, I wanted to share something.

Once upon a time, I was bored, so I made these. The end. haha Kidding. But no really, I was bored that time and was not in the mood to do the things that I really had to. Procrastinating, I decided to make myself some DIY stuff.

Galaxy leggings:
I took an old pair of leggings (should be dark-colored), bleach, blue and yellow dyes, gloves and a spray bottle (should be bottles for each of the liquid materials but we only had one).

First, line your floor with old newspapers to prevent having a lot of mess. Don gloves. Then I put some bleach into the container and started spraying it on the leggings. Remember, we wanna create a galaxy-like image so concentrate your sprays on some areas that you would have some circular patterns. These will be your nebulas. Next, open your spray bottle with bleach and using the stem of the spray, splatter some bleach randomly. These will serve as your stars. Lastly, spray the blue dye around the outer part, and the yellow dye at the center of each nebula. Voila! You now have your own galaxy leggings. Just remember to be as imaginative and creative as you can be. :)

Ombre top:
Grabbed an unused loose red shirt, turned it inside out bec of the print, cut the sleeves, the collar line and the edge of the lower part out. Soaked the upper part into a deep blue dye for a night. Washed it out the next day. Sewed to fit the upper part coz it kinda showed my upper undergarment. Ta-daaaah!

Coincidentally, our University General Assembly was themed "GAlaxy" so I wore it then. What DIYs have you made recently?:D Do share!:)

PS= sorry for the low quality photos :(

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bunnie day

"I hereby declare today as Bunnie Day," said Me. :)) It was the 3rd of July then (super late post, I know!). Had a date with Bunnie and family (minus Mum). We were supposed to watch The Amazing Spiderman but we went there at a wrong time, and my brother's girlfriend had to go home early. We just ate and shopped instead (oh the happiness when daddy's around with his card!:))))). La-di-da.

Bunnie and I, well, we didn't prepare anything special. There's a story to that. n__n Oh well.

This is what I wore on that Bunnie Day.

Wore a red Zara Sleeveless top, with my old pair of Next Jeans black shorts. Since we were supposed to go to the movie house, I wore that off white blazer. Paired the out fit with bunny accessories (bag, earrings, necklace). I wish I had a bunny bracelet too!:D

Since I cannot put 4 pictures in Lookbook, I edited the photo (from Instagram) and cropped off the close up on the bag. Don't hesitate to hype up!:D xxoo

Monday, July 16, 2012


Hello!:) I'm selling shoes, bags and swimwears (NUDO)! you might wanna check them out at

Photo credit: Nudo Swimwear

Saturday, July 7, 2012


This time around, I had to "downplay" my outfit. We were scheduled for a retreat, and knowing one of the facilitators, I went for a simple everyday look. But the facilitator still caught my attention bec the back portion showed some skin. whoooopsie. Sorry.

Those mustard yellow Primma Donna flats are just adorable! They were the replacement flats my father bought me. Remember Lemon Toes Woes? ( that embarrassing moment. hihi Anyhooo, since I wore them for the first time then, my ankles were a little sore bec of the friction from the shoes. But those flats just finished the laid back look I was aiming for.Worth the pain --,


I came up with this blog mainly to express my love for fashion but it's been awhile since I've posted outfit shots. So I took time to compile the recent photos I got. Forgive my vanity. errm wait, aren't all fashion bloggers vain? I mean we take pictures of ourselves A LOT in order to call ourselves that right? unless we want to post about other people's fashion? hmmm. Anyway, regardless,first up: Nineteen--
I named it as such to convey the theme of a classic look, 19__, then insert the specific year you would want it to be in. Like 1980s, or 90s. or whatever. :)) and that's my age number too! --, Alright, I was bored so go figure. :D

This look I came up with when I was again invited to be a godmother. Unfortunately, I had assessment duty at the exact same time of the Christening. I didn't want to say no so I went to the hospital and brought with me my outfit. I also didn't want to bring bulky stuff so I decided to a one-piece get up. My cousin gave this to me a few weeks ago and it was the perfect fit for the event.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Quite numerous cakes I made for the past two months. I enjoy baking a lot since I was in elementary. It's one of my mood lifting activities, especially when I am angry. I just bolt out the negativities that I feel in every mixing and beating and all those stuff. It's weird but I bake better when I'm upset. My goodies are much yummier. hahaha i feel myself so much. :)) Anyway, as easy baking is for me, it's quite the opposite when it comes to decorating them. I am not really artistic in nature and thus my puny learned-artistic-abilities still need to be honed. (FUN FACT: I took art classes in grade school and thought I was getting good, until my first drawing was used as a paper napkin by my cousin. He was eating doughnuts and he thought that it was just a plain paper bec my drawing was faced down. I got so frustrated and discouraged that I never bothered to draw again. Until recently. and now I'm struggling. n__n)

Cake 1 & 2:
Occasion: Nephew Xyler's 1st birthday

These are actually not cakes but a collection of cupcakes.
Wilton has these differently shaped cupcake holders which you can arrange to whatever design you want.

Green Bunnie! haha
Cake 3 & cupcakes: Strawberry cake and monster cupcakes
Occasion: Mom's arrival from Singapore/Malaysia

I didn't actually decorate this, Bunnie did.
These we collaborated with. They're weird monster cupcakes. o_o
Cake 4: ACN logo
Occasion: 3rd anniversary of our Quirino branch store

My cousin Razel helped me with the logo. Apparently, we're no experts :)) 

Cake 5: Choco Mallows cake
Occasion: Father's Day

Brother and I stayed up really late for this! Kudos to the succesful surprise :D
Cake 6: Hulk cake
Occasion: Xander's 1st birthday

I'm no good in cake decorating, I just actualize whatever's in my head. I sometimes look at cake photos in the net for inspiration but I never get to really copy them bec I never had any training, sessions, classes, or whatnot. I do wanted to take sessions since before but I always haven't had the time to do so. So let's just have our cake and eat it too, hmm? ;)