Tuesday, October 16, 2012

As bread blessed, broken, and shared

I haven't been really active in our organization last semester. As described in my other post, I was quite tied up with many other things, i.e. nursing, designing, event-organizing. Today, I was given the opportunity to rise from the dead. We had a council bonding, and as what Aya Kevin said, may today be a start of something new *Roxanne sings Start of Something New from High School Musical :))* Well I'll do my very best to catch up with the org and be present during apostolates. ;)

Soooo. Where did our hearts go today? Cabula River Grill. It's a simple place by the river (where beginner river rafters end) at Lumbia and I believe it's still under development. Though the pool was only like 4ft deep,  or should I say shallow?, we still had so much fun. Like what Rox said, the environment cannot and did not hinder us from enjoying each other's company. :">

The water's so shallooooow. :[

Strike a pose!
Trololol. I just had to. Cute kau ka Maam Dik xD (Peace!)
While the rest of us were having the mid-year evaluation,
Sleeping Beauty was, well, asleep. :p
Boodle lunch. Smells good, Kuya?:D omnom
Boodle fiiight!:)) Rey and Renner, don't worry, daghan pa :p
BJ borjing VS Hari ng Sari-sari store :D
Al-al-- first brave soul to try the mini zipline.

Ze boys making fun of? or having fun with Jestoni. Idk which is which :))

Aya Kev, okay lang yan :))

Weeeee. that's me on the Tarzan thingy and zipline :D
At the left corner: Mga Sirena; at the right: Hmm. Syokoy?xD

Chapel Aides Council 2012-2013 [incomplete :(]
We dropped by at home to play Kinect. But most of us were too beat up already. :))

So here's to the upcoming semester!
and the muscle pains and cold/flu tomorrow :))

More photos in fb soon. :)
Good night, loves!


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