Monday, October 15, 2012

1/3 Week of Sembreak

After our research defense last Tuesday (thank Heavens it went well!), I promised myself some do-nothing time. Apart from having to go out to run some errands, I stayed home all throughout the week. Well at least until today.
These things kept me sane:
Used Sephora (Magenta, forgot the code name) for the colour; Bobbie for the finishing.

I super miss painting my nails! Since HS, I've always loved getting my nails done. But, being a nursing student sucks, nails have to be kept short and clear from polishes. hohwell, I have three weeks to spoil them toe- and fingernails!*finger dance*

A page from Paulo Coelho's book, Eleven Minutes.

Yknow, when I entered college with nursing as my course, I had to leave behind the kind of life that I love-- growing out my nails and having them painted, and reading non-academic books. I've always been a bookworm. I used to hang out at the library of my primary school a lot while waiting to be fetched by my parents. Siiigh. I am missing those days. Anw, this is an old book by Paulo Coelho that I bought but never got to finish reading. His books are just touching  and influential, don't you think so?;)

Filipino/Tagalog movies.

Admittedly, I am not a fan of Filipino movies. I have my reasons but I don't wanna sound like an expatriot so I'll keep my mouth shut. haha. Besides, I am never good at understanding and speaking the language. =)) Buuuut, my cousin who had been staying with us for months now brought DVDs of various Filipino movies and wanted to watch it. I had time on my hands so, what the heck, why not?:)) I enjoyed them naman din, nakakatuwa ang My Amnesia Girl. That's as far as I can go. :)) lol

He surprised me with a bouquet of flowers :">

Balbal. Well, he definitely lights up every day of my life ^____^


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