Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Quite numerous cakes I made for the past two months. I enjoy baking a lot since I was in elementary. It's one of my mood lifting activities, especially when I am angry. I just bolt out the negativities that I feel in every mixing and beating and all those stuff. It's weird but I bake better when I'm upset. My goodies are much yummier. hahaha i feel myself so much. :)) Anyway, as easy baking is for me, it's quite the opposite when it comes to decorating them. I am not really artistic in nature and thus my puny learned-artistic-abilities still need to be honed. (FUN FACT: I took art classes in grade school and thought I was getting good, until my first drawing was used as a paper napkin by my cousin. He was eating doughnuts and he thought that it was just a plain paper bec my drawing was faced down. I got so frustrated and discouraged that I never bothered to draw again. Until recently. and now I'm struggling. n__n)

Cake 1 & 2:
Occasion: Nephew Xyler's 1st birthday

These are actually not cakes but a collection of cupcakes.
Wilton has these differently shaped cupcake holders which you can arrange to whatever design you want.

Green Bunnie! haha
Cake 3 & cupcakes: Strawberry cake and monster cupcakes
Occasion: Mom's arrival from Singapore/Malaysia

I didn't actually decorate this, Bunnie did.
These we collaborated with. They're weird monster cupcakes. o_o
Cake 4: ACN logo
Occasion: 3rd anniversary of our Quirino branch store

My cousin Razel helped me with the logo. Apparently, we're no experts :)) 

Cake 5: Choco Mallows cake
Occasion: Father's Day

Brother and I stayed up really late for this! Kudos to the succesful surprise :D
Cake 6: Hulk cake
Occasion: Xander's 1st birthday

I'm no good in cake decorating, I just actualize whatever's in my head. I sometimes look at cake photos in the net for inspiration but I never get to really copy them bec I never had any training, sessions, classes, or whatnot. I do wanted to take sessions since before but I always haven't had the time to do so. So let's just have our cake and eat it too, hmm? ;)



  1. omg!! that rabbit is the sweetest thing I've ever seen!!!>3

    1. Hi, M! naaawe. thank you <3 [even though I know that's not the best bunny cake :)) haha]

  2. Baking for your family is the best! Im also into baking but more on cupcakes recently. Bake some more! :)

    1. Thanks Karla!:) ooh i will soon! let me see your goodies too!