Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lemon Toes Woes

Lemon Toes Woes

I guess I can say that I put forward my left foot first when I awoke this morning. Indeed a series of unfortunate events came cascading on me. Let me begin with how annoyed I am with my sinusitis. For those who know me personally, you would ask, “again?” Yes, I’m at it again, I don’t know why, I have gone to the doc countless times and I think I had been on a series of antibiotics for more than what’s recommended already. Sigh. So when my alarm rang at 5:30am for school, I wanted to go back to sleep and rest, but being the earlybird that I am, I pushed myself out of the bed. After bathing, I received a confirmatory good but disappointing text message from my classmate, “No class.” You get why it’s good but disappointing, right? Couldn’t have they told us the day before? I could’ve saved my already low energy (and once fresh from the shower, it’s hard for me to go back to sleep). I didn’t let this get me though. I went on my day—surfed the net, studied, played with my godchild.

Noon came and my next class was up at 13:10pm. At 12:45, I was already on my way to my classroom. Suddenly, I had to stop walking. I knew there was something off.  I begged in my mind, “No, no, don’t let it be it”. Then I looked down. The sole of one of my flats cracked open!!! Oh the horror! I hurriedly, awkwardly, went to the nearest place with very few people. I immediately texted bunnie about my situation but he said that he was somewhere far from school. My next option was my brother. He wasn’t picking up. It was 1:02 already. Third option—cousin—but I had no load in my other network to text her. daaaymn. The load I requested arrived so late, time check 13:13. Late. Fudge. I hate being late. But I was no way braving the embarrassment of walking around the campus with broken footwear. So I waited. And waited. Finally, the load arrived! Time: 13:23. I asked my cousin (who’s temporarily living in our house) to let my brother bring me a pair of flats ASAP. To my surprise, it was my brother’s friend who came from our house who brought me the package. I was like, “oh great, spread my embarrassment to another soul.” Double sigh. It was already 13:50. Now, there is a good reason why I’m sharing my monkey moment, just keep on reading (if you can still handle my rants). When I arrived at our very favourite *ehemsarcasm* 6th floor classroom, to my other surprise, our clinical instructor was not yet there. Nor was she coming, said our classmates.  Am I being Punk’d here? Hellooo? Ashton? haihai. K I could’ve just rested at home.

At least our CI came during our 3rd class and we were dismissed earlier than scheduled. Thank heavens for that. I went home directly and rested. I thought my infelicitous day ended there. But the cherry of the cake was that the day that I dread the most in a woman’s month came. TT___TT Unbelievable. I always experience dysmenorrhea, and it isn’t the mild one. Blah. Some series, eh?

Now as to the reason why I revealed that embarrassment? I just don’t want any of you out there to experience what I did. Or maybe some have already. But let’s prevent that from ever happening again, alright? Before going out of your house, make sure that those lovely wears that you have on won’t make you shy away from the public. Here are 4 simple and useful tips.

1.       Check the soles, straps, zippers. One good way to check the soles is to try bending (for flats) them and see if they have those cracks. If they do, you may want to put some adhesive to them. Make sure to let it dry well. Or better yet, change them.

2.       For heeled/wedged sandals, try prodding the heels/wedge.

3.       Try walking on it at your house for just a few while to ensure that it’ll last for the day.

4.       If in any case it still happens and you’re alone, don’t panic. If there’s a nearby shop that sells footwear, slowly and carefully walk over there and buy a pair. Should that not be possible (i.e., no money), stay put. Call or text someone and have him/her bring you one. If all else fail, stay calm still. Try to compose yourself while heading to the nearest place where you can ask for help.

Oh by the way, that happened to me thrice already. :)) Thanks to those moments though, my dad agreed to go on another shopping spree with me. I guess that’s the only good thing out of it. *winkwink*

`keep those umbrellas and cover ups with you all the time for it's rainy season once again. Best be in healthy fit. Load up on the fruits and vitamins! My pick-me up drink for today was a lemon juice from Thirsty. What's yours?

Did you have any embarrassing moments like mine? Don't be shy to reveal so that we can help out other ladies (and even gents!) ;)


  1. At least you've been busy the past few days. I feel so unproductive. I barely finish anything and just bumming around. The gown looks pretty. It's something I could see a disney princess could wear! :)

    1. haha, we all have that procrastinating moments :))

      thank youu <3 I wish someday I could go on designing for princesses. #librengmangarap hahaha