Friday, June 1, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop and Skin Food foundations

Ola! It's been a lil while since my last post. So many things have been going on with me, particularly with my teeth-- two rootcanals. OOOF. Anyway, that's not what I'm gonna blabber about for  now.

Today, I will be writing a review about foundations of two mid-ranged but notable brands, The Body Shop (TBS), and Skin Food (SF).

Disclaimer: This review is based on my own and unbiased opinion.

Left: TBS; Right: SF
The Body Shop: All in One Face Base 03
Skin Food: Omija Complexion Pact

On container, design, and sponge:
The TBS compact is more sleek and elegant looking, compared to SF's plastic-y appearance. I like how the cover of TBS can be used as a mirror. Also, it's sponge plate is well-engineered, I would say. For some reason, I don't like how SF's has to be flipped sideways. It's also just a thin plastic, so you got to be extra careful with it or else it might break. The sponge of TBS is very soft, compared to SF's rough texture. However, that of TBS brittles after a lot of washes.

TBS is little bulky though.

SF: woops, I haven't washed the sponge. teehee. and oooh, that in the mirror is my godchild, Xander ^___^

On the powder:

Before anything else, I would just like to make it clear that the TBS Pact is an ALL IN ONE FACE BASE-- it serves as a foundation and powder, while the SF is just plain compact powder. So I am not omparing both.

TBS: Ever since I've discovered TBS, I have been using their products (including this) and they have been such a doll to my very sensitive face. I've read a lot of reviews and many said that this particular products is too light, but it's just perfect for me. I use their 03 shade; their darkest is 06. One thing though, you have to use a primer (I use both TBS' Moisturize it and Matte it as I have combination skin--oily skin on the T-zone but normal to dry in the cheek area) to get its maximum effect. Otherwise, it will easily cake and won't last long. Also, it takes quite a few to set and using a Kabuki brush is much better than using their sponge. But I really love how it's so natural and light-weight on my face.

SF: I've considered trying this bec someone could buy it for me for a very cheap price. They say that a product has to be used for at least 3 months before we can see its full effect and make a comment about it. It's only been 2months+ and I think that's quite enough already. Anyway, here goes.

At the back of the pact, the label says that Omija Complexion Pact is:

"a pact that creates a brighter and more luminous complexon with a patent-awarded oriental herbal extract with Omija, White Mulberry Bark, and Licorice Root".

 In their website, it additionally says that it is:

"..Formulated with the Wet Process technology, this pact contains a high amount of the brightening effect ingredients. 3. Fine silica beads impart a silky matte finish and glides smoothly on for a fresh and natural-looking makeup look. 4. Containing velvet mineral powder, this pact applies smoothly and softly to create a satin complexion."

So I thought that it will brighten my skin tone, and not just brighten my skin when I have it on. You get the drift? My skin only "looks" brightened when I have the powder applied on my face, but without it, my skin not tone is just the same as prior to using it. The shade is waaaay too light for me, and SF doesn't have a lot of shades to choose from (if I'm not mistaken, only 2 shades per powder). It gave me white casts as I always use SPF. (I didn't encounter this problem with the TBS face base).  And since it contains minerals, skipping SPF does not really solve the problem. sigh. It does give you a "silky matte finish" as stated in their website, but that leads to another downer: you have to determine how much you have to put on, as little as possible, unless you want to get that photoshopped/Korean look. It looks so unnaturally white. and it's not lightweight. But it's not so bad, it just takes a lot of trial-and-error period. It has a fruity scent that I personally don't like. Some of you would want that, but since I have sensitive skin and nose, I don't want it. Hmm apart from those grouses, I like how it stays long; I don't have to keep on re-applying it, just once or, at the max, twice on a normal (not busy) day. It also gives you a full coverage, hiding dark spots.

That's me wearing TBS, no retouch done.
Even with the flash directed right at my face, I had no problems with white cast despite me looking whiter, at least all of the exposed skin is.

This is me using the SF pact. Taken with flash. If you compare the color underneath the black sheer cloth and my shoulder with my face, it's just off. My face looks so blanched.

On the price:

TBS is just a little expensive than SF, it cost me around $33. Online, the lowest price I could find for the SF Omija is $20. But I bought mine for around $30, and I thought it was supposed to be cheap.

Am I repurchasing? hmmn. I'll have to think about SF but definitely with TBS. I won't separate from it, it's good for everyday use.

What are your experiences with TBS and/or SF? Do share!;)
Soon enough, I'll make reviews on other cosmetics and other brands.

Ciao for now!;)



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