Thursday, May 24, 2012

The party don't start til I walk in--K$ (and night out tips!)

Super late post! Internet went gaga over the past two days. grrr

May 22, 2012
Caught up in digging through the very shallow depth of knowledge I have for CSS (yes, I am still in the process of putting pieces together for this blog, so please bear with me. hmm I actually have to ask help from my brother who's an expert at it), I didn't notice it was 1800 already.

It usually takes me 30mins to shower, and 45mins to dress, accessorize, and apply make-up. I am such a turtle, I know. Having only half an hour to do everything, this is the quickest look that I could pull, with very little [just powder and that strip of eyeshadow, i was not able to finish dolling up :))] make-up.

 Earlier, Mother called and told me to be ready by 1830 bec they were going to pick me up. They wanted to go have some fun. It's not that big of a deal, really. But I find it totally superb that my Mother and I go out and party together.
Mom and I are havin a blast

We went to one of the most haunted (no, not in a scary sense) local karaoke bar called Willsbar. It's certainly one of the best hubs of its kind-- updated songs, clean rooms, yummy food, very affordable room rates, and very amiable crew (it's totally a plus if crew are friendly). They have two room types, the classy one: bigger room, with computer/net and own comfort room; and the standard: just a lil bit smaller, without the PC and CR. But even if there's no PC in the standard rooms, the whole place is WiFi-friendly so no frets on having to go online (well, as long as you have your techies with you).

With me were my mom, Mary, Dimple, auntie Alma, Manong driver (sorry, don't know his name :D), Alvin and his family. Elton and Bob came too but hey had to leave early.

So this was us (Dimple, me, Alvin) havin a groovin time
singing our hearts out and dancing our bodies to the beat of every song. :))
With Mary and Dimple
So how to enjoy a night without having to spend much?

1. Go out with people you can totally relate to and be comfortable with. No sense in going out and feeling like a stranger because your "friends" have their own world. But yes, it's always nice to have new friends, so make sure to get comfy with them alongside having fun. ;)

2. Dress comfortably and appropriately. Aside from being comfy with the people you're with, be sure that you could move around with what you're wearing. Be mindful of the dress codes of the place you're gonna go to.

3. Don't glue up to your gadgets. There's a reason why it's called going out, or night out. While you can go online and check out updates, tweet that yer having an oh-so-awesome time, take pics and upload it on instagram or whatever you wanna do, but don't stick around it for too long. You're supposed to mingle with your friends. Otherwise, you shoulda stayed home.

4. Participate. In whatever you've agreed to do--karaoke, clubbing, pooling, etc-- don't be the KJ. Unless of course if it's bad for you, or against your principles.

5. Try something new. It's always nice to frequent at your favorite place, but there are others that you and your berks haven't probably gone to. If you always go to karaoke bars (Willsbar) try going to a place where there's still karaoke but with a billiard pool this time (Loreto's). I'd include Whatever, but do they have a pool there? I forgot. :D

6. Enjoy the night. That's self-explanatory.

These are very basic tips but are very helpful esp if you're still starting to get out there. To havin a good time in the simplest ways! Cheers!xxx


  1. I'm jealous you know how to work css! Hahaha! And yes I agree. You definitely shouldn't be with people you're not comfy with. :-) xx Forever Nineteen

    1. ahaha so you're behind Forever Nineteen. I followed you before already, and i so love your blog ^__^ anyhoo, neh, i know very little about CSS and i can't quite figure out a lot about how blogger works. :)) oh well, more to learn everyday ;) cheers Chari!xxoo