Friday, May 18, 2012

I am but a traveler


The title doesn't exactly have anything to do with the content, but I just love that line from the song "Journey", which was sung earlier today at Marco Hotel. My bunnie (boyfriend, that's our pet name :pp) and I decided to take a dip today since he will be bound for his hometown later this aftie.

Mi boyfie and me.

 Since there're only very few big and nice pools here in our still-developing city, we went to our all time favorite Marco Hotel. In all fairness, they have a great combo of a big-enough pool, good food, and an accommodating crew, plus it's just a 15min ride from home. So on we went.

I decided to wear my swimmies (Nafnaf) as my top, covering it up with a wrap from Wrap it,
and pairing it with a highwaisted animal-printed leggings which was given to me.
Hat: SM department store
Bag: Mags

My all time fave sunnies: DKNY
To our surprise, there was a summer swimming clinic going on, and it also happened to be their "graduation" day, therefore, there were many many kids. Oh how frustrated we were. We kind of thought of having a desolated yet amicable atmosphere, but we knew then we weren't gonna have one. Nnnggh but we decided not to let that ruin our date.

To that magical moment!

Indeed we had a splendid time. We ate breakfast, swam, and just bonded in our superb and nifty ways ;) Having a good date doesn't always necessarily have to be expensive. Sometimes, it only needs you and him/her, and you could be anywhere--doing crazy-fun things, or just being silent, and both of you could feel the most magical moment yet. Oh yeah, that's me bein cheesy. :)) But hey, love is, right?;D

'til next time!