Monday, May 21, 2012

Fairy Godmother

I was supposed to blog yesterday but I had a spontaneous slumber party @ my cousins' house. A timeline of yesterday is what I can do for now.

5/20/12,  10AM-- An employee who became a close friend to our family asked me to be the godchild of her daughter, Trisha Mae. The Baptism was to be held at the church near their house at Bulua, at 10AM, as she texted as. However, my mother and I arrived a mere 10 minutes after the scheduled time and all we caught up on was the pictorial session. -__-" It started earlier than they thought it would and ended in a jiffy. So after posing for a few shots, we went to their house and had lunch.

Trisha Mae :)

2PM I asked my cousin to come over at the house and to bring along her son, Alexander, my other godchild, bec I was bored and wanted to go to the mall. So they did. But mother didn't allow us to go out bec she was going out to get a massage and no one was going to be left here. -.-" pfft. but oh well. so we stayed in. I was playing with the very hyper Xander when my cousin gave us drinks-- mine Chuckie, and his, his milk. He kept on reaching for my drink and after many failed attempts to let him drink his milk, I let him choose between his milk or my Chuckie. and he chose..*tentenenenn*

Thus, this:
He got his Chuckie, and I got his milk, in a feeding bottle.
JK. I didn't drink that.
8PM--: We went to the compound of my maternal relatives. It was my uncle Benny's birthday. Yay, another celebration for the day. That, in a veryyyy long time, was the first gathering that all cousins (++ wives & kids) were present. There were tons of food, booze, jokes, cries and shrieks (from the babies and kiddos), and long-awaited chitchats. It was an eventful night.

Rewind to 6PM.

I took a picture of my The Body Shop Face Base
bec I was planning to write a review about it.

At 10PM.
Marco, son of my mom's cousin, played with my open bag
(stupid of me to leave it open, considering the number of kids around), and boom,
my TBS foundation was all over the floor. :(

So I'm left with an empty compact. :|

Back to my cousin's house scene.

Not able to do anything about it, I brushed the frustration aside; it wasn't like my nephew did it on purpose, and it was only half full anyway. The party went on..time flew and it was just not ending yet. But my mother and brother wanted to go home, so I decided to stay over. We gave mom and bro a ride home, got me some nighties, sent one of my cousin's gf home, and we were back at the crime scene in no time. More partying happened. I dozed off then, I don't know what time that was, my mind was too clogged up to take note. ;D

Unfortunately, I was not able to take pictures :( I was too busy chatting with my cousins and playing with my nieces and nephews. But that be okay, those memories will be kept at heart. <3

and oh, with all that's happened, I found my outfit perfect for the events-- Baptismal, Playtime with Xander, Uncle's Birthday Party. It was a very inexpensive find from a friend's online shop. Footwear is from Charles & Keith. ;)


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