Thursday, May 17, 2012

Everything has its first

I finally decided to create a blog that I will keep on filling. I actually am not much of a blogger-type, but I like the idea of expressing myself through blogging. I love to post pictures and make some short commentaries on whatever captivates me. But I don't like to write a lot. It tires me. But I love to let those random, sometimes crazy, sometimes vague scuttle butts out in my head. You dig me? Neh, don't bother to.

So here's to me blogging!

First off, I know I still got no readers so this post goes to defining me. (I know I'm supposed to write this in the "About Me" section, but I'd rather this be here -w-)

Hola! I am Ms. Jonnielyn D. Navarro. Most people who hear my name (minus the "lyn", which is what I usually carry) would think I'm a guy, so there, I am def not a dude.
I'm the youngest of two. But not one thought that I am. Yes, I look, act, and dress older than my age.
I'm an incoming 4th year Nursing Student. With me is mi boyfie <3

Traveling has always been my first love. Unfortunately, the King doesn't want his not-so-little-anymore princess to do so until she graduates from college. So I've only been to a few places. But behold, someday, I will not only be a snowbird, but a globetrotter ;)

I used to read a lot before college. I'm on to re-doing that. Sweet tooth. My getaway: beach. My traveler-feet's bestfriends; I'm going gaga over shoes these days. Music is my best friend. Oh yes, I am an aspiring fashion designer.  and those tips! I just love them polished and colored.

So there you go, a mini-glimpse of the snowbird. ^^,

Can't wait to blog on many many stuff soon.


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