Sunday, June 10, 2012

REVIEW: Ecotools Make-up Brushes

My cousin, Trixie, of, got home from Canada recently. As much as I was so excited to see her, I was very giddy about the Ecotools Brushes I had her buy for me. Toa chie Trix ^____^

To start off, we all know how important it is to have our own personal brushes; especially for me, since I have a very sensitive skin. I needed another basic brush set for my clients and friends because I want my The Body Shop (will make a review soon) brushes to be solely for me.

Now on to the beeswax.
So why Ecotools?
Disclaimer: This review is based on my own and unbiased opinion.

I did some quick surfing and read some reviews on different brands of make up brushes, and among the rest, Ecotools stood out as the best--both in quality and price. (TIP: before buying anything, it is always good to hear/read from others first before handing out that hard-earned money). I didn't want to spend a lot for it because I am not a make up artist by profession, I just do it to help out friends. Having read positive reviews, I bought their 6pc basic set which contains 1 blush brush, 1 eye shading brush, 1 eyeliner brush, 1 lash and brow groomer, 1 conealer brush, and the cosmetic brush roll (55% hemp linen/45% cotton), and the one piece foundation brush (not found in the set).

On Design:

I like how eco-friendly-looking (obviously, from the brand ECOtools) their brushes are-- with the bamboo handles, and engraved brand name. (Unlike most, including TBS's, in which the brand names printed fade in time. But for my TBS brushes, I had them for a good 3 years or so and only a little has faded). On the other side of it, they don't label their brushes accordingly. But that's okay if you're a pro or you know your brushes too well already.

On the price:
I spent only 22.84 CAD (plus 12% tax though so that makes it 25.5808 CAD for everything. I was like. WOW. That's like one fifth of how much my mother spent for our TBS brush set, and that was on sale already (no, i'm not going against TBS, i'm just comparing). This is one very concrete example that it is not necessary for products with excellent quality to be expensive.
On the bristles:
They are very soft for the face! I could say it's not exactly as soft as TBS's (maybe bec it was still new) but it is very next to it. Also, it's synthetic, so, cruelty-free! Yay!

Breaking it down:

 Blush brush: I don't like how fluffy it is for a blush brush bec there are certain principles in applying blushes and I can't seem to achieve that with this. It is useful as a finishing/powder brush though, or for applying bronzers.

Eye shading brush: It packs eyeshadow well, however, since it was still fresh from the market, it was still a teeny bit stiff. Bec of that, I can't say a lot about it yet. I hope it softens as it is washed though.

Eyeliner brush: It is a little too thick for an eyeliner brush, you need expert hands to use it for thin linings. No other concerns.

Concealer brush: I didn't use it as such when I first tried them, I used it as an eye shading brush and it did a good job picking up the shadows. So I guess it will be fine as a concealer brush too :D

Lash and brow groomer: I didn't get to use the brow groomer, but for the lash groomer, it really helped out separate clumped lashes, but I think the teeth of the comb are too wide apart? Me thinks that it be best if it is closer :D or idk, coz I don't always use mascara as it makes my eyes feel so heavy which makes me a sleepyhead. :|

Foundation brush (not included in the set): Same with the other brushes, I was bothered at how it was still stiff, but it did do fine as a foundation brush. The bristles were a little sharp on the face though, unlike their blush brush. (will post picture soon, the one I took was too blurry :[)

I'll give it 4 stars out of 5. That's only bec I haven't used it again and haven't tested it as when it is softened through washes. I'll update on this when I can soon. :)

Have you tried ecotools brushes? What do you think about them? Don't hesitate to agree or disagree with me!;D

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