Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Welcome to the Carribean, love" + Swimwear tips

2nd of June 2012

I had been longing to soak myself in a white-sand beach all summer long, and just right before it ended, my Bunnie and I went to one as we celebrated our 23rd monthsary, a day ahead though, bec Mom was scheduled to arrive from Singa on the 3rd.

Happy 23rd, Bunn!

It was an unplanned trip, thus, I was not able to get a hold of a new swim wear. Plus, this swim suit that I really want at Nudo is sold out. :(

photo not mine.(c) https://www.facebook.com/nudoswimwear

So I would like to ask you, my readers (if I have any, HAHA) for an opinion, would I look good on high-waisted swimsuit bottoms (refer to Nudo picture above )? Given the fact that I'm so skinny and petite (and not to mention flat-chested too. boo)? or should I just stick to my usual triangle bikinis (pic below)? I've always wanted to try something new (bandeau and high-waist) but scared to do so bec I mostly buy stuff online and I'm scared it won't suit me. :(

yuck. body is so out of shape. hahaha

According to many sources, triangle cut tops are great for flat-chested people as they lift and shape the chest area (although the one I want have horizontal lines, which they say, help in making busts look fuller). However, I am in dire want to break out from that theory and just purchase that Nudo SW when it's back in the rack. Read Cosmopolitan's tips--swimwear for body shape for more ideas on what swimsuit is best for your body type.

We did have a couple board shorts ^___^

Anyway, regardless of the swimsuit dilemma, the summer getaway was pure bliss. Just the two of us, the beach, and our endless love.

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