Monday, June 11, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop Make Up Brushes

Previously, I have conceded my thoughts about Ecotools Brush set that I recently bought. Now I'm on to professing my love for TBS make up brushes. Yes, I love them so so much!

On the price:

When a friend of my mother told her to get ourselves the set, she said, "..they are a good investment,.." and to no doubt, she is correct. (and since then, TBS flooded my make-up box.) Though they are quite pricey for brushes (for the 6pc set, Mom let loose some $115, and she said it was on sale already), they are totally worth every buck, or should I say, peso, spent. Not one regret do we have in buying it.

1 set contains blush, foundation, eyeshadow, blender, eyeliner, lip/concealer brushes.

On the design:
They all look so sleek and elegant, with their black handles and metal ferrules. Their labels, however, fade in time, but in a long time. I have had them for around 3 years and yet only little has faded. I read reviews and many complained on how bulky their handles are (they have a wide base so that it can stand on its own). But that doesn't bother me that much bec I have a big cylinder enough for their fit.

On the bristles:
I swear they are the softest on the face! Their bristles are also synthetic (like Ecotools), hurrah for green brands! A plus plus: I have never experienced any shedding from any of them.

On application:
I am not breaking down each of the brushes bec I have only one common point-- it is the best MU brush brand that I have so far tested. They pick up cosmetics very well and each application goes on very smoothly. I love love love every single one of them as they do each of their specific purposes excellently. Another bonus, their blush brush is versatile-- perfect for getting that well-contoured and -blushed cheeks.

Is your love for TBS brushes same as mine?:D
Well, if you're with me, hurry now and get yourselves one of these!:))Especially that they're on sale as they celebrate with us our 114th Philippine Independence Day (SM Branches).


  1. I do love their brushes as well! Though I only have the blush brush right now. :P

    1. It's super great right? I love how I can use it as a contour and blush brush in one!^___^

  2. Wow! You have the complete set! I only get to play with these soft brushes when I attend their workshops! :))

    1. oooh! I envy that you get to attend their workshops! how do you join?:D