Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Walking dead woman

No, this is not a ghost story, or anything relevant to that. I just feel like a zombie-- having very little sleep with very many things to do. These past 2 weeks, I was dead down with sinusitis, sore throat, cough and colds. To top it off, I had a scheduled practical exam, a gown, cake and a video to finish making, and duty was on its way.

But thank you, Almighty Father, for staying with me through all this. My practical exam went reaaallly well, despite me not being able to study that much. Thank you, thank you, ECG (and chiikang!haha) for being my lucky switch. :))

What kept me buzzing next was this:

A customer from Iligan City was celebrating her debut this week, I am so happy that she trusted me as her designer. Her gown was enormously bouffant, and it was my first time to actually put to rise a design like that. In the process of making it, I have learned and discovered so much more about voluminous gowns. Thank you, Riza.

Since we wanted to see the gown on a real person and mother fits in it, we made her wear it :)) With Puppy!:D
the back portion :)

Mummie goofin around :))

I feel such a lazy ass these days (maybe it's one of the s/sx of my illness). I don't wanna finish the video that I'm supposed to make, and instead of making my requirements, I went to the mall to chill. Well, my bunnie and I did have to go there and buy a Thor costume for Xander's upcoming birthday. Then we decided to buy our own matching Thor Tees too! Haha I am not much of a wearer of shirts but hey, anything for my godchild. The Hulk cake, I will have to include in another post. His birthday party theme was the Avengers. :))
Will post picutres of us wearing this!:*

And oh, kill me for being such an impulsive shopper. We passed by Accessorize, and that big "Buy one, get one" tarp just dragged my feet inside their shop. I just couldn't resist this swimsuit. And for only $30 for both, instead of getting the bandeau for $30 and $26 for the bikini. I know it's not summer here any longer, but hey, who says we can beach out during summers only?:D I just had to had it. 8)
It's not highwaisted, like the one that I wanted from Nudo, but the I was mainly after the nautical theme anyway.

How are you holding up these days?:)


I kneeew that I had to get the suits from Accessorize! It came very handy during the celebration of the feast of San Juan. (Am I right?:)) IDK much about feasts). See mommy, I didn't buy those for nothing! haha

Celebrated San Juan @ Marco Hotel with cousins (funny how we just met there without having plans to!),
bunnie, mother and brother. OHANA <3


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    1. oooh my bunnie reads my blog! haha mwah <3 i love you too!

  2. Such a cool dress! Glad to hear your exams went well! x

    1. Hello Ms. Marloes!:)thanks for the inspiring comment on the dress! it's always so good to feel that someone thinks so <3