Sunday, May 4, 2014

Great Sale Bazaar: You lose some, you gain some

Last Saturday, May 3, 2014, my partner, Kai, and I (Style Strutter CDO) participated at a bazaar which was held at Ababu Persian Kitchen beside Tita Fannie's XU. It was organized by the beautiful and humble Ms. Bling. It was participated by other online and preloved sellers. As online sellers, bazaars are a great place for us to display our products, meet new customers, and even get to know other online sellers.

(c) Kai

It was full of getting-to-know-you's, fun, eating (Ababu serves yumyum Persian cuisines at very affordable prices!!!), and shopping. Yes, even if our sole purpose there was to sell, we can't help ourselves but buy from other sellers. I bought from them and they also bought items from me. teehee. I think we spent as much as we sold. :)) Or that's just me. HAHAHA

And with that, here's what emptied my wallet that day:

4 blouses (wasn't able to take a pic with the other one bec Mom wore it yesterday :D), 2 shorts, and 13 cute washi tapes!
My picks were from Ms. Ana Marfori, Lauren Go, and Marj Limbonhai's closet sale :)

I bought spaghetti tops with sheer and soft clothes, and shorts because the summer heat is scorching hot! 3 of it are my pre-Mother's day gift to my mummeh. But she doesn't know that so as not to spoil that I have a surprise gift for her on the special day itself. Also, all clothes were preloved, but most of them were not used (impulsively bought by the sellers. Whooops! I share their sentiments on that HAHA). Almost all preloved clothes were sold for Php200 and below, except for dresses which were mostly Php200 above. Thrift shopping was at its best!

XX1, Mags, F21

The Washi tapes are to die for!!! When I saw them, I was like this little kid who found Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I've been looking for a CDO-based online shop that sells these kind of designs of washis and finally, my search is over <3 and at a good Php70-100/each, it was all worth it! Thank you, Marj!:)

Washi tapes from @artstrings (Marj & Lauren)

I also wanna say thank you  to Ms. Bling for the place. To Ton2, for helping us set up. For my help, cousins, boyfie, and even Sasa-mae, I am deeply indebted to you guys for watching over the place when Kai and I had to leave. To all co-sellers, it was really great meeting you, gorgeous ladies! And even when we sold similar stuff, there was really no competition. We helped each other sell our products and there was good camaraderie. Thumbs up to all of us!:)
And to all our customers, we hope our goodies made you smile as you had us do ;)

Bazaars are really fun and it's a great place to shop especially when you're in a tight budget. Last Saturday was actually the second bazaar that was held at Ababu. We are hoping for a third one on May 17, and we do hope to see you all there. So save up and get ready to shop, dine, and have a good time with your friends! ;)

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