Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: Concealers

Pimple here, pimple there, pimple everywhere. Sigh. Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma.

Can you relate to this?  No? I mean with the air so polluted, (almost all) foods processed and full of preservatives, deadlines to meet (stress), and not to mention our monthly visits coming? If not, then you are one of the blessed few who haven’t experienced what most of us have.

But hey! Every problem got its own solution, right? So don’t lose hope just yet. ;) Whilst we can lessen the chance of getting pimples in many ways, we can’t totally avoid them. So when you have a big event to attend to, or a date with your, ehrm, crush, or you just wanna look flawless every day, don’t fret, you can always rely on the mighty concealer.

So today, I will be making a review of a few concealers that I have used and can recommend.

Best for: Dark spots, pimple scars, dark circles:

1.  MAC Studio Finish Concealer- This I absolutely love! It’s thick but smooth consistency helps conceal dark spots and scars evenly. You only need very little to cover them up and it’s easy to blend. Be cautious though as it may cake if you put too much. And, it is more costly than the others. But needing only a little every application, it will definitely go a long way.

2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer- Yep, it's not their concealer, but it works as impressively! It acts like a foundation and concealer as one which is a double plus for me. It saves you time and gives you the matte finish you are looking for. This is best for combination skin types. Their concealer (Secret Camouflage) works good too, but I'd prefer this because I can use it as a foundation as well. Savvy!

3. Mary Kay Liquid Concealer- I find this very affordable (Php420) and nifty. It also has a thick consistency which covers scars quickly and thoroughly. Unlike Mac, I haven’t experienced caking from it. It is also best used for dark under eye circles as it is a creamy liquid and can thus be easily spread.  But in the Philippines, they only offer two shades, Ivory and Beige, which is a bit of a downer because they’re mostly light for the natural Filipina's skin tone.

Best for: Active pimple spots
1. Yves Rocher Tea Tree Concealer- A must for those who have active pimples. It contains Tea Tree extract which is known for its anti-bacterial property. So while having that flawless finish, your pimples are also being treated. I like how its texture is mousse-like and how it is just enough to hide away impurities. It can be compared to Mary Kay’s but it’s better because it supposedly kills bacteria on the spots. It’s not so expensive either, Php600+. and it already gives you a treatment and a concealing effect.

2. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Concealer- Like Yves’ product, it helps treat pimples while masking their appearance. However, it has a light coverage compared to Yves’, so you will have to use a little more. For only, Php675, the quality lives up to its price.

I have tried others but these are what I can recommend that’s both quality- and price-wise. I may add more to the list when I have time. My top pick among the 4 is actually Yve’s simply because it does not only quickly and smoothly conceal our pimples but it also heals them. Mac is best only if you have the money to spare and if you don’t have active pimples. Mary Kay is your choice if you’re on a tight budget. And well, The Body Shop is best for light and almost-healed pimples. They’re all actually nice; you just gotta get the one that’s best suited for your needs.

I hope this helped!:) If there are any review requests, just comment below and I’ll try my best to give the product a try.  Also, my next review will be about the best Foundations I’ve used. Until then!:) 

P.S.= This is a super late upload. I got so busy and I haven't even organized the pictures I took for this review yet. Will post asap. :D

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