Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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I recently became a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and I want to share to everyone the goodness of the products. :)

Recommended for the SUMMER

These are the 5 products that I would highly recommend for an all year round use:

1. Satin hands hand scrub- hands will feel so smooth
2. Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen- perfect for the summer heat
3. Oil mattifier- really recommended for oily skinned people who hate doing a retouch every now and then 
4. Matte-wear/Luminous liquid foundation- very light weight and powder may even be unnecessary.
5. Lash & brow serum- perfect for those who have short and thin brows and lashes, its effects are permanent!

 Here are their facial care line:

Make ups:


**Mary Kay products are lead- and mercury-free. For those that uses metals (e.g., TW Targeted-action eye revitalizer [under eye rollers]), they are made from titanium.

 For more inquiries, you can contact me through my Facebook-- Jonnie Navarro. Thank you ;)

Most photos are from the Mary Kay April 2013 The Look Catalog.


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