Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wind blew me over but brought me back home

HELLOOOOO!!!! Wow, it's good to be back, writing at once what's in my head, pausing for a while, contemplating, and writing again. It's been a year since my last post. And that's mainly because of: 1. I had to focus (ehrm, at least tried to) on my nursing review for the NLE, and 2. No wait, I don't have #2, just reason #1. Out from that break, I, thank God, passed the exam and can now call myself a Registered Nurse. On the other side of the news, I. AM. UNEMPLOYED. Many would argue, saying I have all those monkey-businesses that I tend to. But hey, it's not gonna suffice me until I grow, say, older. But still, they're keeping me busy. So yes, if you've got time, kindly visit my Instagram online shops: @iusemarykay for Mary Kay, Coach, Instax items; and @stylestruttercdo for clothes, accessories and nail art stuff.

Okay, so since there's no way I'll be writing about the stuff that happened over the past year, I'll start with the events that happened most recently.

Ultra Winds Mountain Resort
This place is awesome. A great location to relax and enjoy nature and the city's view. And yes, giving honor to it's name, it is pretty windy up there, which kinda gives off it's relaxing aura. It's geographically not part of CDO anymore, it lies on one of the mountains of Bukidnon. But from Buena Oro, you can travel there for only a good 15-20 minutes. They also serve good food. I believe the place is not entirely finished but it is already pretty nice there.

Here are some photos I took when I went there last Maundy Thursday with my highschool buddies, Angeli, Arlo, and Angeli's bf, Gab (who is Singer Noel Cabangon's son).

Onward & upward <3

View from up there
Standing at the upper resto, this is what you'll see. They have like a big patio where one can enjoy nature.
One of their sets where once can sit, enjoy, and relax.
Tried their Grilled chicken with blue cheese. It was yummy :)

 I decided to go for a simple and classic look. Wore my super comfy  red palazzo pants, from Instafab, and a black tank top from F21. I preferred the color combination because, it was, after all, a Maundy Thursday. Embellished it with a vintage belt from I-don't-remember-where-I-got-it and ta-daaah~~

So this is it for tonight. I hope I can maintain my blogging now (as if I have constant readers. HAHA)  Sayounara!

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